I am on a journey to dive deep into the world of trusted internet identity. The online experience is heading on the path to a major shift – from the anonymous to the identified. I am engaging in some of the work defining the shift – this blog captures things I learn along the way.

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I am an independent consultant, owner and operator of
In Turn Information Management Consulting Corp.

I’m always interested in complex, challenging contract assignments where sound, well-reasoned advice is sought. Please contact me at AndrewHughes3000@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Andrew, I have a question about your Kantara article on Credential and Identity binding approach. Is it the Identity Manager that pushing information to the Credential Manager or vice versa? Thank You for your help

    • The flow of information is deliberately not specified. The ‘Decoupled Binding’ paper was intended to show the roles and relationships, with the additional concept that the Organization-Role association is a defining characteristic of the observed Trust Frameworks and federation patterns. We are enhancing that document over the summer of 2013 and will have new material published this year.


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