IDESG Plenary in Boston

On my way to MIT for the IDESG plenary meeting. It promises more progress as folks are getting settled in to make progress.
As Secretary of the Trust Framework and Trustmark Committee, I’m responsible for keeping the wheel turning. It is challenging for everyone, since the mandate of the group can be interpreted in many ways.
I have made a deck that tries to frame up the parameters around the ID Ecosystem and its governing Framework. It shows, in pictures, what the imperatives should be: find and acknowledge existing identity solutions, categorize them using simple measures, help them become interoperable where desired. And along the way, shift people from ‘untrusted’ ID solutions into ‘trusted’ and connected solutions. Easy Peasy. 🙂

The key concept is to realize that there are real, live ID solutions out there in use. The IDESG must not try to merge them – it must find and connect if and how appropriate. Some of the IDESG discussions seem to hint that there are a small number of acceptable solutions rather that allowing for an infinitely varied and innovative solution space.

The deck is a work in progress – I’ve been asked to present it at Management Council – we’ll see what folks think of the ideas.

Time will tell if the group can embrace the real marketplace and escape the restrictive constructs of the past.

2 thoughts on “IDESG Plenary in Boston

  1. Looking forward to seeing your presentation! By now, those at Boston will have seen it so it should be available in the filedepot repository soon.

    Indeed, and whether it is deeply held beliefs or vested interest, or both, it matters not. IDESG has to rise above this, if it is to be successful.



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