#IDESG MIT plenary day 2

Good productive day at IDESG today. The slides I made up last week to help frame the discussion around the Trust Framework Trustmark committee and the development of a work plan seem to be a hit.

They bring the context from the NSTIC strategy and develop a narrative from there that frames up a probable description of the ID Ecosystem and Framework. It is not rocket science – just telling a story in the spirit of the Strategy. I use the basic toolkit of a consultant: given a known set of starting conditions, I extrapolate using simple approaches to define a platform that can be used to establish traction. It’s all about turning the handle and ratcheting forward.

The details of the approach are not universally accepted – but it’s acknowledged that the path set out will make valuable progress – which is a good thing.

So, the committee has been able to get rough consensus on an approach, a target, and immediate-term deliverables. A success by most measures.

Devil is in the details, but that is the work of the committee. We have the firepower at the table to do amazing things – I hope my work simply sets the stage.

I will post the deck here when it is cleaned up a bit – it is a work in progress, but seems to have resonated well.

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